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Safety when Traveling to Mombasa, or any other Destination

safety-firstTraveling for a business meeting, vacation, or other reason means that you will be exposing yourself, and possibly your family, to various risk factors. The moment you step outside of your house you are exposing yourself to risk of some kind or another. Getting behind the wheel and driving down the road could ultimately lead to an accident, even. Walking down the sidewalk could lead to a trip and fall injury.

It doesn’t matter where you’re going to or why you are going there, being safe is a matter of preparation. When you’re getting ready for your Mombasa trip, below are a few safety tips you might want to keep in mind. Mombasa is an extremely safe tropical vacation destination, but as noted already, risk is inherent in just about everything we do.

Photocopy important phone numbers.

Whether you are traveling alone or with your family or other people, it’s a good idea to have various copies of important phone numbers. In today’s environment, people have a tendency to rely on their cell phones to store their numbers and personal information. Few people actually can recite those important phone numbers by memory because of this reliance on technology.

But what happens if your phone is lost or damaged? It might be an extra headache just to track down those numbers once again. Photocopy any important phone numbers you might need on your trip and keep one copy in your carry on bag, one copy in your suitcase, and one copy in your wallet or purse.

Keep a photocopy of your passport handy.

A photocopy of a passport is not going to be the same as the real passport, but in the event yours is lost or stolen while you’re traveling, this can be helpful in proving your identification and streamlining the process of getting a new one issued, even if it’s temporary, through your local embassy.

Pack money safely.

When you are carrying cash or travelers checks, make sure that you don’t keep all of it in one place. Spread it out. Some people like to have some money stored in their shoe, some in their wallet or purse, some in a couple of pants pockets, and some in various suitcases. Try to avoid placing any cash or travelers checks in checked baggage, though.

If you follow some of these safety tips, you’ll be more prepared in the event of an emergency situation.