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Sick? How this Could Impact Your Mombasa Vacation and What to Do/Who to Contact

sick-how this could impact your tripIt’s three days before your flight is scheduled to leave and take you on a vacation you been looking forward to for months. Maybe you’ve been looking forward to visiting Mombasa for years, saving the money over all that time, and have been counting down the days. Then the tickle begins to develop in the back of your throat. You start to feel achy and run down.

Maybe you drink some solutions to pump incredible amounts of vitamins into your system, all in the hope that this is just a minor cold or allergy. The next day you wake up and realize you have a fever and a full-blown flu. This can make you feel dejected, especially if you realize you might have to miss this trip.

If you booked your trip through a travel agency, contact that agency as soon as possible to let them know what has happened. They may be able to work out some provisions with the airline, Mombasa hotel, or anyone else with whom you had a reservation to either delay or move your date. Unless you have insurance to protect your trip, you may not be fully protected.

You may be tempted to get on the plane regardless of the way you feel, believing you’ll get better within a day or two after you’re in the warm climate of Kenya. However, you could be placing everyone else on that flight at risk, too. Some airlines may refuse service to passengers that appear visibly sick.

Contact the airline directly to find out what their policy is regarding sick travel.

Visit your doctor as soon as you can to get antibiotics if needed. The sooner you start with antibiotics, the sooner the virus can be suppressed and make it safe for you to travel.

If you booked this trip on your own, contact the hotel in Mombasa where you will be staying if you feel this trip might not happen right now. They may not charge your card or could offer you a refund or reschedule your vacation for another time of the year.

No one wants to enjoy a vacation when they’re sick, and the earlier you make contact and try to work out an arrangement with the airline, hotel, or anywhere else you have a reservation in and around Mombasa, the more you increase the chances of being able to move your date a few weeks or months into the future.