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Some of the Many Reasons to Visit Kenya and Mombasa

Scuba Mombasa KenyaKenya is a country that truly has something for everyone, from nature lovers to those that simply wish to enjoy a holiday lazing around on a white sandy beach. Answering the question of “Why holiday in Kenya?” is nearly impossible as everyone who has been will have a different answer depending on what they most loved about the country. No matter what your drive is once you decide to travel to Kenya, no visit is complete without stopping in Mombasa at some point along your trip. Even those who are primarily interested in nature will be amazed at the culture and the people that make up Kenya’s second largest city. The city has a great mix of Portuguese, British, Asian and Arab settlers, making for a rather unique experience.

Great Hotels in Mombasa

It all starts with finding a place to stay and there are a number of great options. Whether you’re looking for a cheaper stay or a 5 star ocean front villa, there is something for everyone. Then once you get settled it is time to start exploring.

Mombasa Old Town

After you have seen enough of the Kenyan wildlife, take a trip into the city and check out Old Town for yourself. The life and character of the place are infectious and you’ll find yourself swept up in the vivacious culture. Markets are everywhere and the old style buildings are currently under consideration as a UNESCO Heritage Site. The Portuguese Fort Jesus is the most visited tourist attraction in the city – it is an amazing place.

Outside of the City

Take a cruise around the harbor and see the city from a different perspective. You can take a snorkeling or scuba tour and also swim with dolphins. Tour the Gedi Ruins and experience the rich history of this old jungle community. The material used to construct the buildings was made from coral reef from the nearby ocean and findings from all around the world can be seen in the museum. After touring the ruins be sure to visit the beach at Watamu Marine Park, rated one of the best in the world.

Nature lovers will love Mombasa as it gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with giraffes, reptiles, birds, and other wild animals. You will be able to hand feed some of these animals as tortoises wander around your feet and you take a closer look at all the varieties of wildlife that make Kenya truly special.

No matter what reason you find to answer the question of “Why holiday in Kenya?” you should get there as soon as you can! A holiday in this amazing country will give you a fresh perspective and could even change your life.