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Stay Healthy on Your Mombasa Vacation

Running waterTraveling to a foreign country is going to expose you to different bacteria and other potential health risks. That doesn’t mean that you can’t stay healthy on your next vacation to Mombasa.

There are a few things that you can do to protect yourself and your family, improving the chances that you will remain healthy throughout your trip and even for the weeks after you return.

Don’t drink tap water.

Even though the water is clean in Mombasa, it will undoubtedly contain different minerals, chemicals, and bacteria that your body is not used to. You will notice the locals drinking the water without a problem, but they might have an adverse reaction if they drank tap water from your home.

Stick to bottled water. Even though you might prefer to save money, it’s best to be safe rather than sorry.

Pay attention to health notices from the area.

If there is a health advisory, such as informing you to stay out of polluted or contaminated beaches or other issues, heed those warnings.

You may believe that you’re healthy and strong and nothing’s going to bother you, but you’d be surprised by how quickly you can become susceptible to bacteria that your body might never have faced before.

Wash your hands.

Whenever you touch door handles or anything that other people are touching, you should be washing your hands. That includes any time you use the bathroom or public facilities, including changing rooms at the beaches.

Washing your hands will reduce the risk of spreading any bacteria to your mouth and thus into your body.

The more than you focus on staying healthy on your next trip to Mombasa, the more you’re going to enjoy your trip and be able to return home with some amazing stories to tell your friends and family.