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The Missed Flight and How to Preserve Your Mombasa Vacation


The Missed Flight and How to Preserve Your Mombasa VacationIt’s a nightmare scenario for many people: your heading to the airport, get stuck in traffic, and things aren’t moving. The last 15 minutes you’ve moved may be a few meters. That can increase stress and anxiety in your life, especially as you see the time tick away. Maybe you left a little early to give yourself some extra time in the event of traffic, but if there’s an accident and the road is completely closed, you’re stuck with nowhere to go until it begins to release.

You get to the flights to Mombasa two hours after you expected to and your flight has already left. When you are planning a Mombasa vacation and face this type of situation, you could feel as though your entire trip is ruined. It’s not.

There are other flights and even though they might not leave for several hours and you’ll miss your connection, it’s important to keep things in perspective.

As long as you are healthy and safe, your vacation can go on as planned. Yes, you may very well have to arrive a day later, but if you’re more focused on what you’re missing out on than what you can enjoy, it could become difficult to relax and unwind once you arrive in Mombasa.

It’s important to focus on your reservations at this time. Get booked on the next flight and ensure that you have a transfer to get into the airport in Mombasa, contact the hotel you booked to let them know of the situation. Most hotels understand issues that arise and can accommodate you missing your check-in time. Some may charge for the night you’re not there, but most will likely be gracious enough to offer that accommodation.

If you’ve made other reservations throughout the area, and if those reservations are going to be affected by your delay, contact them as well and seek out other arrangements. This can help preserve a wonderful vacation for you, your family, and anybody else with whom you’re traveling.