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The Safest and Most Effective Way to Get around While Visiting Mombasa

getting around Mombasa is easyWhen you arrive in Mombasa, at the Mombasa International Airport, you will be met with a couple of options with regard to transportation. Maybe you reserved a rental car when you booked your flight. It might seem to be the best option because that’s what you’ve done everywhere else you’ve gone vacation.

Depending on where you stay, which Mombasa hotel you choose, you could be right next to the white, sandy beaches that have made Mombasa so famous. You would only need to step out of your hotel and take a few steps to be on the beach. If that’s the case and you plan on spending the vast majority of your time on vacation at the ocean, then you’re not going to need a car.

Another major consideration to make is that Mombasa’s streets are not like those you experience at home. It is easy to get confused, turned around, and completely lost when driving through Mombasa for the first time. That could put you in a potentially uncomfortable or even dangerous situation if you drive too far trying to find your way back.

The safest and most effective way to travel throughout Mombasa has been is by relying on the taxi services here. Most taxi drivers are professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. Just taking a quick taxi ride into downtown Mombasa, you can learn a great deal about things you should see on your excursion that day.

You can also ask different taxi drivers what they recommend with regard to fine dining, nightlife, entertainment, and more. You’re not to get that opportunity if you try to drive yourself around town.

Even relying on GPS navigation isn’t an exact science because of the way the roads are designed in this city. You’ll do yourself a lot of good and even save money on a rental by relying on public transportation or taxi services while in Mombasa.