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Three ‘Must Have’ Items when Traveling to Mombasa

SPF 50 sun protection lotion.Planning a vacation or business trip to Mombasa will mean that you should certainly have a few items with you. Below are three ‘must-have’ items that any traveler should take with them whenever they are heading to this tropical paradise.


Sunscreen is arguably the most important item that you should have with you on this trip. Mombasa is right along the equator and that means the sun will be at its most powerful almost all year round.

When the sun is that powerful, it won’t take very long for you to get burned. A sunburn can ruin any trip, especially if it is a severe burn. If you head to the beach and forget to bring sunscreen, you could actually get burned within an hour or less. The more time you spend on the beach without any type of protection or sunscreen, the more serious the burn will be.

You might not realize you’re getting a sunburn until many hours later and by then it will be too late to stop it.

Plenty of money

While most people will be traveling with plenty of disposable income on a vacation or business trip, you want to make sure that you have access to your funds. Most stores and hotels throughout Mombasa will take Visa, MasterCard, and some may even take American Express. However, depending on your home country’s banking policies, or those of the merchant in Mombasa, you may not be able to access your funds.

Travelers checks are a good option when heading to a foreign country. Keep them in a safe place and use the hotel safe if you have a lot of extra money on hand.


If you require any type of prescription medication, you want to be sure to bring more than enough along for your trip. This doesn’t mean that you have to bring along your entire supply, but plan for contingencies.

This means that you should pack at least three to five extra days’ worth of medication. If you run out while you are in Mombasa, getting a prescription filled here can be a complicated matter.