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Three Things to Make Sure Your Mombasa Hotel Offers

things your hotel should haveIt’s coming up quickly now; your Mombasa vacation seemed like it was always going to be months away, but it’s now just a matter of weeks or even days. You’re excited, looking forward to having a wonderful time with family or friends and while you’re thinking about things you need to pack, you should make sure the Mombasa hotel you chose (or will choose) for your vacation has the most important items or services you need.

Internet Connection

It might not seem like an important thing when you’re going on vacation, especially if you have a smartphone or other tablet device that connects through your cell phone provider, but remember that you’re traveling to another country and, in many cases, to a different continent. Your cell phone likely won’t work here without charging you an arm and a leg for it.

Being able to connect with friends, post updates on social media, or check and send emails requires an Internet connection.

An In-Room Refrigerator

It’s hot in Mombasa. You’re going to want to have some nice, cold drinks on hand when you need them. You may also eat out a lot and that could mean leftovers you just don’t want to waste. As a result, if you have an in-room refrigerator, you won’t have to worry about missing out on some tasty leftovers or paying extra for cold drinks every time you get thirsty.

It’s best to avoid drinking tap water in any foreign country as your body won’t be used to the bacteria that is naturally inherent in it, so having an in room refrigerator is a great option.

Laundry Services

When you’re on vacation, things can happen. Things can go wrong. That gorgeous dress you planned on wearing out to your anniversary dinner could get something spilled on it. Your luggage could open up while in transit, spilling everything out on the dirty asphalt of the airport.

Being able to have it cleaned when you’re here might be necessary. Also, if you’re planning on staying 7 days or more, you could pack less and plan to do laundry one afternoon or evening while relaxing by the pool. Now, talk about doing some household chores in style!