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Tips for Dealing with Illness when Visiting Mombasa

vacation-insuranceNo matter where you go, there’s always going to be a chance that you get sick on your travels. If you are planning on a vacation to Mombasa, then you should be prepared for the potential that you might get sick on this trip.

To be honest, few people actually plan on getting sick whenever they are traveling anywhere, especially not when they are heading out for a vacation. Yet illness can and do happen, even when people are supposed to be enjoying themselves away from home.

We have compiled a few important tips for anyone who is planning to vacation in Mombasa so that they can still enjoy their tip as much as possible, even if they get sick while they are here.

1. Have health insurance coverage for the region. Your health insurance policy that you have right now is not going to cover you in a foreign country. You can get special travel insurance that will, though, and it’s worth the minor investment to ensure that you could see a doctor or go to the hospital if you needed to, without having to spend your entire vacation fund on that visit.

2. Don’t drink the water. Your body is not going to be used to the bacteria that is inherent in the local water. This is true of anywhere you travel to. Make sure that you only drink bottled water that has been purified.

3. Watch what you eat. Again, there are going to be certain types of bacteria that your body has never been exposed to before. These bacteria could be in the meat that you consume or even certain other types of food.

Pay attention to what you eat and you should be better protected against the possibility of getting sick on your vacation to Mombasa.