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Tips for Getting around in Mombasa

taxi-mombasa-hotelsOnce you’re in Mombasa, you’re likely going to be staying in a nice hotel with plenty of amenities. You may spend a few days at the white sandy beaches that have made this region of the world so popular among tourists. You’re also going to want to visit some of the historical and cultural sites, as well as take in shopping and other wonderful experiences throughout this great Kenyan city.

Getting around in Mombasa can be tricky if you don’t know what to expect. While some people do rent a car, if you are not familiar with the roads or traffic rules, you could easily become lost within a couple of miles of your hotel or your destination.

Buses are not common in Mombasa and trains are only designed to bring you to a few other major cities. That leaves the taxi services that are famous throughout Mombasa.

If you want to get around without a great deal of fuss and without much fanfare, then you should take a taxi. Most hotels throughout Mombasa will be able to help you get a taxi and can provide some tips on where to visit.

When you check into your hotel, ask the employees what you should do when you need to get a taxi. They may require you to be to down in the lobby waiting before they call you a cab or they may be able to take your reservation while you’re still in your room.

Know about how much it will cost to take your trip before you get into the cab. Hotel management may have a general idea of the cost tables, and the more you know about how much you should expect to pay each way, the less likely you’ll end up overpaying for your ride into the heart of the city, to Fort Jesus, or to any of the other wonderful sights to behold in this great vacation destination.