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Traveling to Mombasa by Yourself: Singles Traveling Tips

Scuba Mombasa KenyaTraveling alone can sometimes be unsettling for some. For others it’s a great opportunity to visit all of the places you may want without having to be concerned with other people. For any traveler who is single and heading to Mombasa, if this is something new to them (meaning they haven’t traveled by themselves before) there may be a number of questions they might have.

Here are a few tips that can help singles travel safely and get the most enjoyment out of their trip to Mombasa, Kenya.

Bring along some personal entertainment.

With smartphones, tablets, and other computer devices today, most people have entertainment at their fingertips. Whether you’re reading an e-book, playing games on your phone, or doing anything else, these are great ways to pass the time when waiting to board a plane, waiting for a connection, or even during the flight itself, once the captain allows people to take out their electronic devices.

You never know when flights will be delayed or you have other problems facing your travel.

Stay safe.

Make sure at least a few people know when and where you’re going to be when traveling. If they don’t hear from you or something happens, it’s good to know people will be looking for you.

You also want to protect your money. Don’t keep all of your cash in a major wad in your pocket. Spread it out between your carry-on bag, different pockets, and even other places so that you don’t end up strapped for cash because you lost everything.

Be cautious with who you meet.

You’ll likely meet a lot of interesting people on your trip, but you should always use caution whenever sharing personal information, accepting a ride from somebody you don’t know, or even taking somebody up on an invitation to go out or visit their personal home.

Never scuba dive alone.

In Mombasa, scuba diving is incredibly popular. Even if you have certification and your own equipment and only have to rent a tank and maybe a few other items when you’re in Mombasa, don’t ever dive alone. Just because you are traveling alone doesn’t mean you have to put yourself at risk by diving alone. Most scuba shops in the area can team you up with other avid divers that match your skill level.

Using these tips you should be able to enjoy your trip to Mombasa, even when you’re traveling alone.