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Trouble with Your Mombasa Hotel Reservation? Try these Simple Strategies to Set Things Right

check hotel reservationNot everything is going to go exactly as you plan, even when you’re taking a vacation of a lifetime. If you’ve booked your Mombasa holiday and are suddenly having trouble confirming your hotel reservation, or you’ve had problems in the past with other vacation destinations, there are a few strategies to try before you set off to your flight and just hope that your room is ready.

1. Call and Confirm with the Hotel Directly. Many people use travel agencies and services still, but many more are relying on their own fingers and the Internet to make reservations. That should ensure accuracy, right? You got a confirmation number and printed it out, so your room is locked in, correct?

Not always. Before you head to the airport, at least a week before your scheduled trip, call the hotel directly and speak to a manager. Get them to visibly confirm your reservation. You should also make sure you know about their check-in times and cancellation notices.

2. Contact Your Agent. If you used a travel agency and can’t seem to get confirmation from the hotel after you call them directly, get a hold of your agent. He or she may seem too busy to get back to you as they are making plans for other people, but be persistent.

Have them call up the hotel and make sure your reservation is locked in. If you wait until the last minute you could end up with fewer options. Mistakes happen, as do overbookings, so the last thing you’ll want to deal with when you get to Mombasa is having to fight for a room.

3. Find Alternatives. If you still aren’t certain that a room will be available for you and your family, contact other hotels in the area. Find one or more that have vacancies and if they allow you to make a reservation without charging your credit card, and have a liberal cancellation policy, it might make sense to have one backup. Just in case.

Depending on the agency or site you choose, you could end up with a faulty reservation, but that won’t happen when you choose Find Mombasa Hotels.