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Vaccinations and Travels: What to Consider

Vaccinations and Travels: What to ConsiderIf you’re planning to travel anywhere outside the country this year, you may be wondering what type of vaccinations or concerns you should pay attention to. Some areas of the world can pose increased health risks to travelers, especially people who have never been to these regions before.

Living in one area for most of your life will basically help your body become immune to numerous bacteria. A person who drinks tap water or well water won’t generally get sick from it, but if they travel to a different country they are often advised not to drink tap water because the bacteria that exists in that particular water is going to be different than the one back home. That doesn’t mean the water is bad, but it does mean a person’s body might not be acclimated to the specific bacteria that’s commonly found in that particular water.

In certain regions of the country malaria is a serious concern. Mosquitoes carry malaria and when they bite an infected person, they could then transfer that disease to another individual.

When considering a trip to Mombasa, Kenya, there could be numerous concerns that some people have with regard to their health and well-being. At the moment, there is no outbreak of malaria, Ebola, or any other serious health condition. Getting vaccinated for certain diseases might seem practical, but odds are unless the actual vaccination is designed to protect people when traveling to Kenya, it’s not going to be very effective.

Mombasa, Kenya is a tropical resort paradise. It is gorgeous, modern, and refined. Even going on safaris will not likely expose tourists to any harmful diseases. If you feel more comfortable, sit down and speak to your primary care physician about any particular vaccinations you may wish to have. It is a personal decision but not one that’s necessary when traveling to Mombasa.