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Ways to Save Money on Your Next Mombasa Vacation

dollar-signPlanning a vacation to the tropical city of Mombasa, Kenya means that you’re going to be exposed to an incredible amount of history and wonderful beaches. You will experience some of the clearest waters in the world with amazing colorful sea life and if you end up heading to one of the local sanctuaries, you’ll see some breathtaking sights with exotic creatures.

Any vacation is going to cost you money while you’re at your destination. There are ways that you can save money, however, when you’re visiting Mombasa.

Bring your own supplies.

You probably have a digital camera and other methods to help you capture the moments when you’re here. But do you have enough batteries and other supplies? You might not be able to take batteries with you on an airplane, but check with the carrier about their policies. Most will permit you to bring AA rated batteries and you should pack plenty for your entire trip here.

Make lunches in your hotel room.

Choose a hotel that has a small refrigerator in the room. Find a local market and pick up some basic supplies, like bread and other food items you’ll enjoy. Make yourself lunch every day and you’ll save a lot of money as opposed to eating out all of the time.

Choose lodging away from the main attractions.

One downside to this strategy is that you could end up spending a fair amount of money on taxi services to take you back and forth to the beaches. However, if you’re willing to walk a block or two to the beach, then you can save a bit of money as opposed to staying right on the white sandy beaches.

Plan your outings.

The best way to get around in Mombasa is by taxi service. If you’re planning to visit downtown Mombasa, Fort Jesus, and other attractions in the area, try to plan them all for the same day. This way you’ll save money on taxi fares.