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Why a Swimming Pool Might be Ideal when Staying in Mombasa

Amani Tiwi Beach ResortVisiting Mombasa, Kenya can be a great vacation. Even if you’re heading there for a business seminar or conference, you’ll have plenty of options with regard to Mombasa hotels.

Staying close to the beaches is one of the top priorities of most vacationers. It may not be as important to you if you are on a business trip, but what about those swimming pools?

A swimming pool might not be much with regard to importance for you on this particular trip, but it can be incredibly important once you are here, staying in the tropical climate. Keep in mind that Mombasa is right along the equator and therefore it’s incredibly hot most of the year. You’ll find daytime temperatures extremely high and water temperatures that approach the upper range of comfort.

A swimming pool may certainly be quite warm, but it’s a great way to cool off after a trip to Old Town, Fort Jesus, or one of the wildlife sanctuaries.

You could be spending time relaxing in the comfort of your hotel room, basking in the cool comfort of air conditioning, and just want to get wet. Even if you’re staying right along the beach, heading into the clear water of the Indian Ocean is quite a bit different than spending some time in the swimming pool.

You also find that many of these swimming pools in Mombasa, just as with many other tropical destinations, have bars with seats built into them. You can mosey on up to the bar, have a nice cool, tropical drink while relaxing in the pool.

You can also spend some quality time with family, especially children, playing around in one of these pools. While you might not think much about the pool when booking your Mombasa hotel, take some time to see whether or not it has a pool, how many, and what kind of features those pools offer. You may just discover that the right swimming pool can make your stay in Mombasa that much more enjoyable.