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Will You Have to Deal with Culture Shock in Mombasa?

Hemingway Watamu BeachWhenever traveling to another country, you may be exposed to a dramatically different culture. Culture essentially refers to habits, customs, and other facets of living that the native individuals of that country or region consider normal. For example, an American traveling to Indonesia may be shocked at the way people get around in traffic. Often tuk-tuks and mopeds are used to zip in and out of congested traffic, which is not something Americans generally do, for the most part.

When considering a vacation in Mombasa, or if the company you work for is having a business conference in this Kenyan city, culture shock may be something to consider, especially if you know nothing about this part of the world. Culture shock is essentially the reaction someone might have when exposed to a completely different environment.

What type of environment should you expect in Mombasa?

The best description for Mombasa, Kenya is a tropical climate. That means very warm temperatures, bright sunlight, powerful heat from the sun, and white, sandy beaches with crystal blue clear waters.

That might sound like a wonderful, luxurious getaway, but what about the other culture? What about the people? What about the various things to do in this great city?

There is Fort Jesus, the Mombasa Tusks, Old Town, galleries, shopping, and even safaris that anyone can take part in. On those safaris you can see giraffes, monkeys, and many other amazing wildlife creatures right there in the open. It’s much different than many Western cultures are accustomed to.

As for the people, you would be hard-pressed to find friendlier, more outgoing, and welcoming people anywhere in the world. That alone can be a culture shock for some people who are used to cutthroat, every person for themselves style cultures that have become commonplace throughout Western civilization.

If your Mombasa trip is fast approaching, don’t worry about culture shock in a negative aspect. Instead, look forward to it because you’re about to be exposed to some of the most amazing sites, beautiful weather, and accommodating people you’ll find anywhere in the world.