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Winter is a Great Time to Book Your Mombasa Hotel

out in coldMost Canadians have a tendency to take their vacations during the summer. That’s because there are more opportunities to visit certain places in the world. Aside from South America, Australia, and maybe India and Indonesia, most vacation destinations happen to be in the northern hemisphere, at least for Canadians. If you have never thought about Mombasa, Kenya as a vacation destination, it’s time you did.

This is a tropical destination that’s considered a paradise for many. It is also a highly affordable vacation as Mombasa hotels are reasonably priced, as are other amenities, including food, souvenirs, and more.

Winter can be tough, especially in Ontario. The cold weather begins to strike in October and won’t relent until April or even May in some years. The longer that winter drags on, the more difficult it is to stay positive, stay focused, and be happy.

Why not treat yourself and maybe even your family to a special treat this winter and instead of sitting at home waiting for the cold weather to end, head on out to Mombasa for a week or a two-week vacation.

Winter is a great time to book your hotel and Mombasa because rates drop during the off-peak seasons. Yes, it may rain a bit more during certain months of the winter, but you’re still going to get some incredibly warm temperatures, great swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving weather, and the opportunity to see many of the incredible historical sites that make Mombasa such an attractive vacation destination.

So while you were originally thinking of staying home this winter, why not consider a vacation to a tropical destination? You have plenty of options from which to choose, but many of them in the Caribbean and other places along the equator have a tendency to be more expensive. Not in Mombasa, Kenya.