Published on 04 May 2015

On a Budget? If you’re on a budget and want to visit Mombasa, Kenya, you may have to travel during the off-peak season. That doesn’t mean you’re going to have to suffer through torrential downpours, cold temperatures, and other weather events just to get away.

Mombasa is an ideal tropical destination and you should be able to enjoy the incredible weather, gorgeous waters of the Indian Ocean, the white sandy beaches, and everything else that Mombasa have to offer. Safaris are incredibly popular as a tourist attraction in Mombasa, and going on a safari during a torrential downpour is no fun for anyone.

So if you’re on a budget, going during peak season is going to require you to make a sizable investment in this vacation. Prices for hotels, restaurants, taxis, and much more often go up considerably during peak seasons. The peak tourist season in Mombasa occurs during their summer season, which extends from December to March. This is when you should expect to pay the highest prices.

During this peak season, the average temperature ranges between 30 to 32°C. Winter in Mombasa averages approximately 27°C. As you can see, there isn’t a major difference in the temperature, though it can be significant to some.

The rainy months for Mombasa are between April and June, and October to November. You would certainly likely pay a lot less to vacation in Mombasa during those months, and while it won’t rain every day, it may be something you have to consider. Of course, when you’re on a budget, you may be more than willing to head to downtown Mombasa, Old Town, Fort Jesus, and do other indoor activities on those specific rainy days and then enjoy the gorgeous beaches when the sun shines brightly.

Published on 01 May 2015

restingThere may be times in life when you have to travel alone. By “traveling alone,” we are referring to traveling by plane, long distances, whether it’s for personal pleasure or business. Traveling alone doesn’t have to be a lonely endeavor. There are plenty of things people can do to make that trip to their destination more enjoyable and setting the stage for a wonderful vacation, business trip, or other endeavor.

1. Bring along a good book. Reading helps to pass the time when you’re waiting to board a plane, between flights, and even on the plane itself. Today many people are relying on electronic devices, video games, and more to entertain themselves, but that just kills the time.

Why kill the time when you can do something more productive. In fact, bring along a book, even an e-book, that has something to do with your particular destination.

2. Carry-on a conversation. Many other travelers are traveling alone and wouldn’t mind striking up a conversation. Talk about places you’re coming from and where you’re going. You could just learn a thing or two about your destination.

3. Get time to rest. If you’re a light sleeper, you could benefit by bringing earplugs, headphones with some soft, instrumental music, a pillow, and maybe even a light blanket. Some airlines still provide pillows and blankets to their clients, but that’s not always the case.

Once you’re on the flight and it is smooth, that’s a good time to close your eyes and get some rest and be more adjusted for the time difference when you arrive.

4. Let people know where you’re going to be. When you’re traveling alone, it’s a good idea to make sure somebody knows where you’re going to be, the hotel, phone numbers, and even flight information. If something happens, at least you’ll know people are looking for you.

5. Always check in with the hotel if your flight is delayed. If you’re traveling to Mombasa, Kenya, you want to keep your hotel updated on your flight information when it is delayed. That way you don’t lose your room to somebody else.

These five tips should help make your next trip alone a fantastic one.

Published on 26 April 2015

Amani Tiwi ReceptionChecking into a hotel, whether you are traveling to Mombasa or anywhere else, shouldn’t be all that complicated. However, there are certain things that can go wrong or make it a bit more hectic or frustrating, depending on situation.

Almost any Mombasa Hotel is going to be high quality for most travelers. Especially those closer to the Indian Ocean and the white sandy beaches. In order to make things much more smoothly and help you get on with enjoying your vacation as soon as you get here, below are three tips to keep in mind when getting ready for your trip and once you arrive.

1. Call ahead to confirm your reservation. Even if you made a reservation to a travel agency or did this on your own online, it’s a good idea to call a few days before your arrival to make sure the reservation is still in the books. The last thing anyone wants to deal with when they arrive at their vacation destination is to discover their reservation never went through. Taking a moment to call ahead can make a world of difference once you get there.

2. Have identification ready. Some hotels will require different types of identification. A passport should usually be more than sufficient to prove who you are when you check in. You may also be required to show the credit card you booked the room with at the time of check-in. Having these documents handy and your credit card ready can help speed up the process.

3. Call ahead if you are running late. If your flight is delayed or you’re getting into the country behind schedule for any reason, make sure you contact the hotel so they don’t give away your room if you don’t arrive at a specific time.

Following these three tips can help your check in be much smoother and get you enjoying your vacation right away.

Published on 21 April 2015

5 Must Have Items for Your Mombasa VacationWhen you’re heading to Mombasa, Kenya for your next vacation, if you’ve never been there before or you haven’t gone away to any tropical destination in the past, there are some essential items you should consider taking along with you.

Some people might tell you that you can pick up any items you forgot or didn’t want to bring because you wanted to keep your luggage as light as possible, but that isn’t necessary with most of these items.

1. A couple of swimsuits.

If you’re planning on spending a week or more in Mombasa, you’re going to likely spend at least a couple of days at the incredible white, sandy beaches and beautiful turquoise water of the Indian Ocean. Having just one swimsuit isn’t enough. Have you ever tried to put on a wet bathing suit? It’s not that comfortable. Have a couple of different swimsuits with you for this particular vacation.

2. Sunscreen. The sun is incredibly hot in Mombasa. It is right on the equator and as a result, it can be incredibly easy to get burned. Avoid that by having plenty of sunscreen with you.

3. Comfortable walking shoes. If you visit Old Town, Fort Jesus, or even the safaris, you’re going to be walking quite a bit. Make sure you have comfortable shoes for this trip.

4. One nice outfit. There is a lot of wonderful nightlife to experience in Mombasa, so you should make sure you pack at least one decent outfit for an evening out, whether you plan to just go to a restaurant, a nightclub, or somewhere else.

5. Extra cash. You may be able to find an ATM to withdraw money in Mombasa, but it might cost you a lot to withdraw. Bringing along extra cash can be a great idea, just make sure you don’t keep it all in one place and never place cash in your checked luggage.

These five must-have items can help you and your family enjoy your trip in Mombasa that much more.

Published on 17 April 2015

Vaccinations and Travels: What to ConsiderIf you’re planning to travel anywhere outside the country this year, you may be wondering what type of vaccinations or concerns you should pay attention to. Some areas of the world can pose increased health risks to travelers, especially people who have never been to these regions before.

Living in one area for most of your life will basically help your body become immune to numerous bacteria. A person who drinks tap water or well water won’t generally get sick from it, but if they travel to a different country they are often advised not to drink tap water because the bacteria that exists in that particular water is going to be different than the one back home. That doesn’t mean the water is bad, but it does mean a person’s body might not be acclimated to the specific bacteria that’s commonly found in that particular water.

In certain regions of the country malaria is a serious concern. Mosquitoes carry malaria and when they bite an infected person, they could then transfer that disease to another individual.

When considering a trip to Mombasa, Kenya, there could be numerous concerns that some people have with regard to their health and well-being. At the moment, there is no outbreak of malaria, Ebola, or any other serious health condition. Getting vaccinated for certain diseases might seem practical, but odds are unless the actual vaccination is designed to protect people when traveling to Kenya, it’s not going to be very effective.

Mombasa, Kenya is a tropical resort paradise. It is gorgeous, modern, and refined. Even going on safaris will not likely expose tourists to any harmful diseases. If you feel more comfortable, sit down and speak to your primary care physician about any particular vaccinations you may wish to have. It is a personal decision but not one that’s necessary when traveling to Mombasa.

Published on 14 April 2015

Traveling with Little Ones: How to Make it Memorable (in a Good Way)When you’re traveling with small children, it can make the entire trip more interesting. It can also create numerous challenges.

Sometimes parents feel overwhelmed after they have taken a vacation with young children. They return home, tuck their children into their own beds once again, and then crash out on the couch or living room, wishing they had a vacation just to themselves.

Of course, there are likely going to be some incredible memories that are created on this trip. If traveling to Mombasa, Kenya and the tropical paradise that exists there is in the plans for you and your family, below are some tips that can make it memorable, in a good way, especially when you’re traveling with little ones.

1. Plan activities just for the kids.

There are many things to do in Kenya, and a lot of culture that adults would find intriguing and enjoyable. Hotels and other facilities could be ideal for young children, especially if they have age related activities just for young kids.

Plan some time for the kids to spend in the pool, playing video games at the arcade, or doing other activities they find interesting and fun, even if you don’t.

2. Spend time at the beach.

Most children enjoy going to the beach. Of course, when you’re in Mombasa that is one of the main attractions. It’s a good idea to ensure safety and security for your children first and foremost.

Be smart about how much time your kids spend exposed to the direct sunlight, using sunscreen as often as possible.

3. Take plenty of pictures.

Capturing the moments that occur with your young children is incredibly important. With digital cameras, you can take hundreds if not thousands of pictures on a single trip.

Just make sure you don’t spend your entire trip stuck behind the small screen of that camera.