Published on 19 July 2009

Mombasa has many local eateries to try out. If you can find a place that serves traditional coastal dishes, try the barazi (pigeon peas in coconut) served with mahamri (donut-like pastry) usually served for breakfast or the Mkate Sinia (Rice bread) Vitumbua (rice flour and coconut cream pastry buns) with a nice cup of chai (tea)….in true Swahili style!

Mubin’s – this open air restaurant is popular with the locals and although they serve everything from chicken tikka (barbequed taandori chicken) to naan (Indian flatbread), it is best known for its “shillingi shillingi” which are mishkaki (beef / mutton cubes) barbequed on thin wooden skewers in front of you on a jiko (charcoal grill).

Yuls Beach Bar – located right next to Bamburi Beach Hotel: If you’re looking for a fun filled day at the beach for the family, this is the place to be. After your jet skiiing and surfing, you can settle down to enjoy the best burgers and pizzas on the beach. The Yuls ice-cream goes down really well on a hot Mombasa day!!

Looking for the best seafood in Mombasa?  The Tamarind restaurant has got to be it. The restaurant serves the freshest seafood and overlooks the old harbour. But the best experience would be a lunch or romantic dinner aboard one of their dhows where you can enjoy a tour around Tudor Creek while sipping on the house cocktail – “Dawa” before you dock to enjoy your meal.

Hashmi – hands down the BEST place to get Chicken Tikka (Indian tandoor stlye barbequed chicken)… finger lickin’ good!

Moorings Restaurant – the food here is fantastic but the ambiance is just heaven! It’s a floating restaurant located right in the heart of Mtwapa in the North Coast.

Published on 23 June 2009

Mombasa is on the same timezone as the rest of Kenya.

Kenya’s (Mombasa) timezone  is UTC/GMT +3 hours

Calculating Time Difference between the US and Mombasa:
If you’re in US/Pacific, Mombasa is 10 hours ahead
If you’re in US/Central, Mombasa is 8 hours ahead
If you’re in US/Eastern, Mombasa is 7 hours ahead

Calculating Time Difference between UK and Mombasa:
If you’re in London, England, Mombasa is 3 hours ahead

Calculating Time Difference between Canada and Mombasa:
If you’re in Canada/Pacific, Mombasa is 10 hours ahead
If you’re in Canada/Mountain, Mombasa is 9 hours ahead
If you’re in Canada/Central, Mombasa is 8 hours ahead
If you’re in Canada/Eastern, Mombasa is 7 hours ahead
If you’re in Canada/Atlantic, Mombasa is 6 hours ahead

Published on 10 June 2009

This is a video produced by the Kenya Tourism Board…what a place to visit!