Published on 10 September 2015

getting around Mombasa is easyWhen you arrive in Mombasa, at the Mombasa International Airport, you will be met with a couple of options with regard to transportation. Maybe you reserved a rental car when you booked your flight. It might seem to be the best option because that’s what you’ve done everywhere else you’ve gone vacation.

Depending on where you stay, which Mombasa hotel you choose, you could be right next to the white, sandy beaches that have made Mombasa so famous. You would only need to step out of your hotel and take a few steps to be on the beach. If that’s the case and you plan on spending the vast majority of your time on vacation at the ocean, then you’re not going to need a car.

Another major consideration to make is that Mombasa’s streets are not like those you experience at home. It is easy to get confused, turned around, and completely lost when driving through Mombasa for the first time. That could put you in a potentially uncomfortable or even dangerous situation if you drive too far trying to find your way back.

The safest and most effective way to travel throughout Mombasa has been is by relying on the taxi services here. Most taxi drivers are professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. Just taking a quick taxi ride into downtown Mombasa, you can learn a great deal about things you should see on your excursion that day.

You can also ask different taxi drivers what they recommend with regard to fine dining, nightlife, entertainment, and more. You’re not to get that opportunity if you try to drive yourself around town.

Even relying on GPS navigation isn’t an exact science because of the way the roads are designed in this city. You’ll do yourself a lot of good and even save money on a rental by relying on public transportation or taxi services while in Mombasa.

Published on 02 September 2015

restingMost people will define the ‘best’ much differently than one another. When you’re talking about your next vacation, if you’re heading to Mombasa you probably want this to be the best one you’ve ever had.

Since there are so many different ways to define the ‘best’ you may hear some people talk about this tropical destination as being absolutely amazing and stunning while others may shrug their shoulders and say it’s not much different than other tropical paradises.

With so many different ways to define what’s best, let’s talk about for so you have the right expectations when you visit Mombasa, Kenya for the first time.

1. Relaxation. Relaxation is one of the main reasons people go on vacation. However, if you’re traveling with children, a large group, or even by yourself it may not be as easy for you to relax and unwind on this vacation. Just because you don’t get a chance to relax because you’re so busy doing other things doesn’t mean it’s not a great trip.

2. Opportunities. There are many opportunities to do some incredible things when you’re in Mombasa. You can visit Fort Jesus, Old Town, any of the incredible white, sandy beaches with crystal clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean lapping up against them, wildlife sanctuaries, and much more. If you take advantage of all those opportunities, this could be a great vacation, maybe one of the best.

3. Great accommodations. The hotel you choose can certainly define how well you enjoy your stay. A dirty, rundown hotel without attentive staff can make your entire vacation seem less spectacular than it really is.

4. Interaction. When you interact with locals, you can learn a great deal about Mombasa. Take every opportunity you get to meet with these people, find out the secrets they know about the area, and you will likely be telling your friends when you return home that this was the best vacation ever.

Published on 26 August 2015

know what to packWhen you’re getting ready to leave on your holiday to Mombasa, Kenya, packing can be a bit frustrating. Some people get completely frustrated and flustered trying to pack for a week or two week vacation to another country.

In order to help you pack in the most effective and efficient way, follow these four tips.

Tip #1: Limit yourself to one checked bag and one carry-on.

Many airlines are charging for checked baggage and even when a person has more than one carry-on. You might not consider your pocketbook or computer laptop bag to be a carry-on, but the airline might. Make sure you only have one carry-on and one checked bag.

Tip #2: Know exactly what you can take through airport security.

You may rely on certain prescription medications, and if that’s the case you’ll need to follow regulations properly in order to get through. You can’t put this in a plastic bag. It has to be in the prescription bottle with the labels clearly marked in with your name on those labels. If you are taking somebody else’s medication for whatever purpose, you may not be able to get this through security. It’s better not to take it or to have it properly labeled than to lose it at the airport.

Tip #3: Pack at least two swimsuits.

You could be spending a lot of time swimming, either in the beautiful Indian Ocean or at the swimming pool at your Mombasa hotel. It can be uncomfortable to try to squeeze into a damp or wet bathing suit. That’s why you should pack at least two swimsuits so one can be drying while you’re enjoying swimming in the other one.

Tip #4: Bring along comfortable walking shoes.

You may have flip-flops, sandals, or other shoes that you’re bringing with you on this trip to Mombasa, but also pack comfortable sneakers. You may be spending quite a bit of time walking if you plan on visiting Old Town Mombasa, Fort Jesus, or one of the incredible wildlife safaris.

Published on 24 August 2015

Amani Tiwi Beach ResortVisiting Mombasa, Kenya can be a great vacation. Even if you’re heading there for a business seminar or conference, you’ll have plenty of options with regard to Mombasa hotels.

Staying close to the beaches is one of the top priorities of most vacationers. It may not be as important to you if you are on a business trip, but what about those swimming pools?

A swimming pool might not be much with regard to importance for you on this particular trip, but it can be incredibly important once you are here, staying in the tropical climate. Keep in mind that Mombasa is right along the equator and therefore it’s incredibly hot most of the year. You’ll find daytime temperatures extremely high and water temperatures that approach the upper range of comfort.

A swimming pool may certainly be quite warm, but it’s a great way to cool off after a trip to Old Town, Fort Jesus, or one of the wildlife sanctuaries.

You could be spending time relaxing in the comfort of your hotel room, basking in the cool comfort of air conditioning, and just want to get wet. Even if you’re staying right along the beach, heading into the clear water of the Indian Ocean is quite a bit different than spending some time in the swimming pool.

You also find that many of these swimming pools in Mombasa, just as with many other tropical destinations, have bars with seats built into them. You can mosey on up to the bar, have a nice cool, tropical drink while relaxing in the pool.

You can also spend some quality time with family, especially children, playing around in one of these pools. While you might not think much about the pool when booking your Mombasa hotel, take some time to see whether or not it has a pool, how many, and what kind of features those pools offer. You may just discover that the right swimming pool can make your stay in Mombasa that much more enjoyable.

Published on 21 August 2015

North or South Mombasa: Which is Ideal for You?When you’re planning on visiting Mombasa, Kenya, if you’ve never visited this region of the world before, you’re in for an incredible treat. This is one of the most luxurious and gorgeous tropical destinations you’ll find anywhere in the world. It’s also considered a hidden gem as not many people throughout Western civilizations actually consider visiting a country like Kenya for gorgeous blue waters, white sandy beaches, and an incredible amount of history.

You’ll have an option about whether you want to stay toward the northern side of Mombasa or on the south side. The northern side can put you in closer proximity to the main town. You could be staying right along one of the sandy beaches in North Mombasa and still get an opportunity to interact and mingle with some of the locals.

If that’s something that interests you because you can learn a great deal about the city, its history, and out-of-the-way places you might not see otherwise, then look to hotels that are situated on the northern side of Mombasa.

If you prefer to spend most of your time at the beach while staying in Mombasa, only heading into Old Town or over toward Fort Jesus one or two days during your visit, then the South beaches are your best bet.

It’s the South beaches where most of the tourists have a tendency to visit. There’s nothing wrong with that, and you may feel a lot more comfortable in that particular type of environment.

No matter where you stay in Mombasa, make sure you get an opportunity to visit Old Town, Fort Jesus, and one of the incredible wildlife sanctuaries that continue to make this Kenyan city one of the most desired destinations for families, vacationers, and businesses business executives looking to host a great seminar or convention.

Published on 18 August 2015

4 Common Mistakes People Make when Booking a Mombasa HotelBooking a hotel is far easier today than it has ever been. You can just go online, check out any number of travel sites or even go to the hotel’s main website and go through the reservation process. Mostly all you’ll need is a valid credit card to make a reservation.

While it is certainly easier to book your hotel, whether you going to Mombasa or somewhere else, there are a number of things that could indicate you’re about to make a mistake with your particular choice.

Sign #1: Even though the pictures look amazing, the reviews are suspect.

It’s easy to make a two star hotel appear like a five-star resort with the right pictures and angles. Pay attention to the reviews from previous guests and that will give you a better assessment on not only the amenities but cleanliness and other aspects.

Sign #2: You’re going way over your budget.

It’s a good idea to set a budget for your Mombasa hotel before you begin trying to book it. You might have started looking with a particular budget in mind and then decided the extra $30, $50, or more every night wasn’t that big of a deal. Over six nights, though, that can add up to breaking the bank.

Sign #3: The hotel you choose is miles from the famous Mombasa white sandy beaches.

If you want to spend time at the ocean, you can certainly rent a car and drive yourself there every day, but getting around Mombasa can be confusing for people who have no prior experience in this city. That’s why the majority of people rely on taxi services to get around. If you book your Mombasa hotel several miles from the closest beach, it will reduce the amount of time you spend there and that could have a direct impact on your overall enjoyment on this vacation holiday.

Sign #4: You don’t know anything about Mombasa.

If you’ve never been to Mombasa, it’s best to rely on an experienced travel agent or service to help you determine exactly what type of hotel and the location that’s going to be best for you and your family.