Published on 25 May 2015


The Missed Flight and How to Preserve Your Mombasa VacationIt’s a nightmare scenario for many people: your heading to the airport, get stuck in traffic, and things aren’t moving. The last 15 minutes you’ve moved may be a few meters. That can increase stress and anxiety in your life, especially as you see the time tick away. Maybe you left a little early to give yourself some extra time in the event of traffic, but if there’s an accident and the road is completely closed, you’re stuck with nowhere to go until it begins to release.

You get to the flights to Mombasa two hours after you expected to and your flight has already left. When you are planning a Mombasa vacation and face this type of situation, you could feel as though your entire trip is ruined. It’s not.

There are other flights and even though they might not leave for several hours and you’ll miss your connection, it’s important to keep things in perspective.

As long as you are healthy and safe, your vacation can go on as planned. Yes, you may very well have to arrive a day later, but if you’re more focused on what you’re missing out on than what you can enjoy, it could become difficult to relax and unwind once you arrive in Mombasa.

It’s important to focus on your reservations at this time. Get booked on the next flight and ensure that you have a transfer to get into the airport in Mombasa, contact the hotel you booked to let them know of the situation. Most hotels understand issues that arise and can accommodate you missing your check-in time. Some may charge for the night you’re not there, but most will likely be gracious enough to offer that accommodation.

If you’ve made other reservations throughout the area, and if those reservations are going to be affected by your delay, contact them as well and seek out other arrangements. This can help preserve a wonderful vacation for you, your family, and anybody else with whom you’re traveling.

Published on 20 May 2015

Traveling with Little Ones: How to Make it Memorable (in a Good Way)Mombasa, Kenya is often considered an incredible tropical paradise and flights to Mombasa for thousands of people every single year. Sitting along the equator, it is an incredibly warm place to visit and can offer tremendous opportunities for people to enjoy. Snorkeling, scuba diving, laying out on the white sandy beaches, visiting some historic sites such as Fort Jesus and Old Town, going on safaris, and much more are key attractions for so many of these vacationers.

It’s not just an incredible family destination, though. It is also a great place for businesses to conduct seminars, conferences, and much more. It may seem almost impractical, though, for many businesses to even consider having a conference at a place like Mombasa.

However, when you sit down and really think about it, consider how many companies actually have conferences or other major seminars with hundreds if not thousands of employees in the city in which they operate. Not many.

Many companies actually choose idyllic destinations for their conferences. They may be in another country, another major city, or somewhere else, but how often do these companies actually consider a tropical paradise?

Far too often tropical destinations have a tendency to be incredibly expensive. Mombasa is one of those places that can offer the most amazing scenery, incredible blue waters of the Indian Ocean, and relaxing destinations at an affordable price.

If you have a business that is considering putting together a conference in the near future, consider Mombasa, Kenya. You could find many hotels throughout Mombasa that are cost-effective and can accommodate conferences in meetings of just about any size.

Published on 15 May 2015

Amani Tiwi ReceptionIn an ideal world, people would love it if things worked out the way they should. However, life is full surprises and that’s part of the excitement in it. However, when you’re planning on traveling to Mombasa, the last thing you want is unforeseen circumstances with your hotel.

At times, hotel issues may be unavoidable. There could be things you expected to find in the room that weren’t there. There are healthy and unhealthy ways to go about dealing with these potential issues.

The best way to deal with any type of issue with your Mombasa hotel is to remain calm. Even if you were meticulous in your reservation, spoke to somebody on the phone, and made sure they understood how important it was for you to have an extra cot in that room, things can get overlooked and mistakes do happen.

Getting angry, threatening, and yelling at hotel staff is not going to help solve the problem any quicker. Some people believe that being firm and boisterous and even obnoxious is the best way to get result, but if the hotel can accommodate and has the ability to remedy the situation, they will whether you get angry and loud or you remain calm.

When you get angry and obnoxious, you are only working up your own blood pressure and that can negatively impact your time in Mombasa.

What happens if your room is no longer available? It can happen, especially if you are delayed on a flight. If it happens or the hotel overbooked and you arrive and find that there are no rooms available, remain calm.

Understand that there are many hotels throughout the Mombasa area and the hotel that you had originally booked will do everything in their power to make sure you find accommodations as quickly as possible. It can certainly be frustrating, but it’s no reason to allow it to ruin your vacation in this tropical paradise.

Published on 13 May 2015

Diani Reef Beach Resort and SpaYou’re going to be incredibly busy when you’re visiting Mombasa, especially for the first time. With all of the white sandy beaches, incredible blue waters of the Indian Ocean, the snorkeling, Fort Jesus, safaris, Old Town, and much more, you may feel completely exhausted at the end of the day when you return to the hotel.

The incredible tropical sunshine and temperatures can also wear you down. However, your vacation doesn’t just end when you get back to your hotel. Whether it’s in the morning, evening, or at night, there are some wonderful activities you could do at a Mombasa hotel, depending on the hotel you choose.

Go for a late night swim. Many of the hotels throughout Mombasa have inground pools that are incredibly warm and can feel amazing to swim in. Their hours will certainly vary, but some pools are open late into the night.

Enjoy a spa. If you have a spa or even a massage center at the hotel, you can relax and unwind at the end of the day by soaking in a wonderful hot tub or receiving a professional massage to help loosen up all of your muscles and make you forget any issues you had going on in life back home.

Fine dining in. Room service is a great benefit for many reasons. If you are traveling with a spouse or other loved one, you could have a nice, quiet, intimate evening in your room. Order room service and let them know it’s for a special occasion. You could end up getting a candlelight dinner right there in the comfort of your home.

This could make any trip to Mombasa feel even more exhilarating and fun.

Published on 11 May 2015

Beach At Severin Sea Lodge

Beach At Severin Sea Lodge

There are dozens upon dozens of hotels throughout Mombasa where you can stay with your family. Some hotels can help you save a tremendous amount of money. Saving money may be more important for you and your family than getting the most luxurious hotel you could find that is right along any number of those white sandy beaches.

When you’re traveling with your family, you want to make sure you choose a hotel that is not just comfortable, but one that is safe. Many of the hotels throughout Mombasa have at least one pool on site. When you have small children, you want to be sure they are going to be safe, especially if you are allowing them to go off on their own for any length of time.

Below are the top three Mombasa hotels that are ideal for families, even those with small children. These hotels usually have lifeguards and other staff members on hand at all times to help ensure the safety of their guests.

Severin Sea Lodge. This hotel is luxurious and takes full advantage of the tropical paradise that Mombasa is. You have an incredibly gorgeous pool that offers shade from numerous palm trees. This resort is not like the traditional hotel, and you could feel like you are truly in the tropical paradise away from home that you are.

Serena Beach Resort and Spa. This is an elegant hotel that is one of the most highly rated in Mombasa. Nestled right up against the incredible blue waters of the Indian Ocean, you will be just steps away from basking in the white sands, snorkeling in the waters, or even going scuba diving with your family.

Neptune Beach Resort. This is one of the top family friendly hotels along Bamburi Beach. When you choose this hotel, you will feel like royalty, or at least a celebrity. Your entire family will find plenty to enjoy every single day of your trip to this incredible tropical paradise.

Published on 07 May 2015

5 Ways to Make Traveling to Mombasa with Family the Best Vacation EverYou’ve been planning on this Mombasa vacation for some time. You booked your hotel, sat down to went over all of the different options available to you once you’re in Mombasa, and have chosen some priorities. Maybe you’re going to spend a couple of days on any of the numerous white sandy beaches that are caressed continuously by the gorgeous blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Perhaps you’re going to visit Fort Jesus. Maybe Old Town Mombasa is on your radar.

No matter what exciting things await you at your destination, getting there can sometimes be frustrating. How you travel to a particular destination could have a direct impact on how enjoyable your vacation is. Below are five ways that you can make this trip to Mombasa a great set up for an amazing vacation with your family.

1. Double check everything. Make sure you double check all of your suitcases to ensure you have everything you need, including sunscreen, any prescription medications, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and more. You also want to make sure you have your passport and other papers with you at all times.

2. Have games to play at the airport. When you get to the airport, playing games with your family is one great way to pass the time while you’re waiting to board the plane. Video games on your phone, tablet, or other electronic device may seem fun, but nothing beats a good card game or board game.

3. Plan extra time. Make sure you get to the airport at least one hour, or more, before your flight is scheduled to leave. This will help you get through security, check-in, and to the gate without having to rush around.

4. Explain the importance of behavior to young children. Traveling with young children can certainly be a challenge, so explain why it’s vital they remain on their best behavior at all times during this trip.

5. Call ahead to the hotel in Mombasa if your flights are delayed. In the event of a delay in your flight, make sure you stay in contact with the Mombasa hotel you booked. This will avoid any problems and losing your room in the event you’re not there by check in time.