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The Top 5 ‘Secrets’ Regular Travelers Know that Can Improve Your Mombasa Vacation


The Top 5 ‘Secrets’ Regular Travelers Know that Can Improve Your Mombasa VacationWhen you search online for some travel tips, you will usually come across a number of ‘secrets’ about many different destinations. When it comes to traveling to Mombasa, Kenya, you may be more interested in actual travel secrets that can make your trip more relaxing, comfortable, and even exciting.

Here are some of the top 5 secrets regular travelers have shared with others that can make a significant and positive difference in your next trip out of the country.

1. Snagging the most comfortable seats on the flight.

The earlier you book your flight, the easier it’s going to be for you to get the prime seats that offer you the most legroom. Those seats may come at a premium price, but they go quickly, so the sooner you know when you’re planning to travel, the more likely you are to find seats that may be comfortable, especially for a longer trip.

2. Bring along something to read.

You may be waiting at the terminal to board the plane or for a connection flight. If that’s the case, playing video games on your smartphone, texting friends, or doing other basic activities you tend to do all the time may not pass the time as well as you’d like. Bring along a good book to read, whether it’s in the form of an e-book or a paperback.

3. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

When you arrive in Mombasa, Kenya, you’re going to notice just how powerful the sun is closer to the equator. You can burn much more quickly than you can back home. Make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen.

4. Don’t forget comfortable walking shoes.

Sneakers are essential whenever you’re traveling on vacation. You could do a lot of walking, so make sure you’re going to be comfortable with this activity during your entire trip.

5. Consider hiking boots.

There are numerous safaris available in Mombasa, and you could do some considerable walking in different destinations, including Fort Jesus. You don’t have to bring hiking boots, of course, but during the rainy season they could become invaluable to you.

Keep these travel tips in mind when planning your next vacation to Mombasa.